In case you were wondering…

… I’m cut off from the rest of the world and have been so for two weeks.

This time my ISP decided to switch to a new network. What network or why they’re switching is not clear. They also failed to warn their customers of this procedure. And why the fuck is switching networks taking over two weeks?

Anyway. I signed with Telenet. It’s more expensive, I’ll be limited to 30GB per month, but al least I’ll have TV and a reliable ISP. Problem is that the line won’t be activated before February 18th, which is a long time to be stuck without any Internets.

I’m not sure if I’ll cancel my current contract right now or next month. If there’s a chance that they manage to restore my connection by the end of the month, it might be worth it to stick around, but if not then I guess I’d just be wasting money…


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  • Sarah says:

    I was also cut off for 2,5 weeks by E-leven!
    Today the technician of Belgacom came, and now I’m back online (with a new login and password given by E-leven), but it’s all very unclear what has happened!
    The belgacom lady who called to confirm my appointment said that I had requested a new line by Scarlet (?! is E-leven now taken over by Scarlet ?!)… And the technician could not give me any information whatsoever.
    I paid a year in advance, but I want to ask some compensation for being cut off for 2,5 weeks! Any suggestions how to get this?
    The helpdesk of E-leven is not existing anymore, I guess, they don’t answer their phone or reply to e-mails… Gggrrr.
    I consider leaving, but I don’t like Telenets marketing at all, is Dommel a good alternative?

  • Coren says:

    Yeah, apparently E-leven is now using the Scarlet network for some reason. I too got a new password and a Belgacom technician should come over on the 20th.

    As for the 2.5 weeks you lost, what I did was I sent a letter (registered mail, “confirmation of reception” or whatever it’s called in English) saying I was canceling my contract at the end of February and that I expected a new bill that took into account the time they haven’t provided me with the service I’m paying for. I said I wouldn’t pay this month’s bill until I had received a reply or a recalculated bill from them.

    Of course I didn’t pay in advance so I have a bit more leverage than you have, but you could try sending them a similar letter.

    As for the tech support, you can actually get to them by phone when you try hard enough. The only problem is that it’s a 0900 number so you’re basically paying to tell them to fix their own mistakes.

    And about Dommel… Well, I hear it used to be good but I’ve seen a lot of negative feedback on or on from people who’re having problems with them. Of course the people who are satisfied simply don’t speak out, so you only hear the dissenting voices, but after all the shit we went through with E-leven I’m not willing to take that risk.

  • Christian says:

    I have a similar problem. Since today my line with e-leven is dead. Comparable providers I found so far are dommel or dxadsl. The latter seems to have quite positive response on online forums (though I am not the best to judge as I don’t speak dutch or french). The support of E-leven always sucked. Online information about e-leven says that they have been taken over by FBN on the one hand (I don’t even find a webpage of that company) and destiny on the other hand (their webpage seems to be unchanged since over half a year now). So, that doesn’t look promising either. It’s one big confusion. I never got a single letter informing me about anything. Good luck to you!

  • Coren says:

    Well, the Belgacom guy came as promised, he did his thing and left me with a new connection on the Scarlet network. Things are faster now, I’m surfing at 12Mbits (~1.1MB/sec) whereas I had only 8Mbits before. It’s slower than at the start of my “adventure” with E-leven, though (ah, the good old days when I could download at 2.1MB/sec…) but it’ll do.

    So in less than a month I’ll be switching to Telenet, which means I have a month to really milk this unlimited download thing for all it’s worth… Suggestions for good anime or TV series will be much appreciated.

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