Postal services are made of phail

If everything had gone according to plan I would have been building my new PC right now.
I decided to go with the Dual Core E8400 processor after all, because I’m cheap like that and because I was tired of waiting, so technically when the postman came today he should have brought me the final part of my system. However, he didn’t. He did come, but he brought me someone else’s order, which means I now have a perfectly useless external harddrive and no processor. Hah. The store of course promised me it would all be resolved quickly. I just hope their definition of quickly is the same as mine.

And that’s not all. I ordered two other items from an online store in Dutchieland (the soundcard and the CPU cooler, which luckily aren’t essential). They shipped it out quickly and efficiently, only these items never even fucking arrived. The “TNT Post”s tracking system tells me the items have been delivered, which normally means somebody signed for them, only it wasn’t me. I have no idea if this is a screwup on TNT’s part or if it’s actually someone who stole the package, but I’m pretty pissed. The Dutchie hardware store’s people have been very friendly and helpful (they immediately started an investigation and asked TNT for the signature), only they can’t do much more than nag at TNT until they decide to move their collective asses, but that doesn’t seem to be working too well. It’s been a week since the package was supposedly delivered, and I still have no idea where it is.

What’s funny is that both stores ( and are supposed to be trustworthy and awesome. Bad luck?

Anyway, at least the actual specs of my PC are fixed now:

  • Antec Performance One P182 case
  • Corsair VX550W PSU
  • Gigabyte P35C-DS3R motherboard
  • 4GB of Corsair TWIN2X 6400C5DHX DDR2 RAM (decided to go with this 1.8V RAM instead of OCZ’s 2.2V memory, because I’ve been told the system won’t even boot until you change the voltage in the BIOS, and how are you supposed to do that if it doesn’t boot? Getting a stick of cheap 1.8V memory would have solved this problem, but I figured I didn’t need fancy overclocker’s memory anyway)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0Ghz CPU (I decided I’d rather spend less now and upgrade 18 months from now than spend more now and upgrade 20 months from now)
  • Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme (too many superlatives!!11 other than that, it’s the best and it wasn’t expensive)
  • EVGA Geforce 8800GT 512MB Superclocked (because it was one of the cheaper GTs, because it was overclocked and because it included Crysis)
  • 2x Western Digital 500GB HDD
  • Samsung S203P DVD-burner
  • Auzentech Prelude 7.1 soundcard

As you can see, no Blu-Ray yet. Now HD-DVD is dead and buried it’s only a matter of time before manufacturers start dropping prices on the drives, so I’m waiting for that moment. The screen is still a IIyama B2403WS 24″ widescreen and it’s still awesome (though occasionally there’s a pixel that gets stuck to red), the keyboard is a Logitech Media Keyboard 600 and the mouse is a Logitech MX400 laser mouse, which I already had before. The speakers are still the same, too. If I ever invest in new speakers, they won’t be PC speakers.

Total price: 1849,45€ (incl. screen)

P.S.: I guess it’s only fair that I mention the one reseller that did live up to my expectations and even surpassed them: Very competitive prices, good communication and extremely fast. The only thing I could complain about is that their stock is still too limited. I mean, they sell tons of great stuff and that’s exactly why it’s a bit disappointing when they don’t have exactly the item you were looking for (if they’d had the Thermalright cooler and the Auzentech soundcard I wouldn’t have had to worry about that lost package O\__/O). Still, as far as I know this is the best store in Belgium.

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