And so it begins…

I ordered the first parts for my dream system. Since I’m not going to be able to do anything with them until I have all parts, which won’t be until February-March, this may seem like a rather silly move, but I have my reasons:

  1. My current CRT screen is fucking killing me. I can see the flicker of its lousy refresh rate out of the corner of my eye and I can just feel my eyesight degrading. So I ordered my new screen a month in advance since
    this was one part I wasn’t going to change my mind about anyway.
  2. It looks like the site I’m ordering from only takes credit cards, and my credit card only takes up to 1250€ per month. It would have been disappointing if I had waited till March only to realize I’d have to wait an extra month because I can’t pay for the full system.

So here are the parts I ordered:

  • IIyama B2403WS. 24″ wide LCD screen, DVI and HDMI ports, 2000:1, 2ms and so on. Did very well in reviews and it also happened to be one of the least expensive 24″ screens available.
  • Antec Performance P182. The case. I’m planning on recycling this one if I ever build another system five years from now. It’s not nearly the most expensive case out there, but it struck me as pretty expensive for a “box”. (Though reviews say it’s not a stupid box at all and that it’ll cut down the noise and heat production.)
  • Corsair Powersupply 550W. Cheap. Powerful. Quiet. Or so they say.
  • 2 x Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB SATA2 16MB 7200RPM. I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to fill those, but that’s what I thought about my 80GB drive too when I got it over four years ago.

(I know, the screen is probably way too huge, but I’m going to use it to watch movies so it’ll be like a small TV. I’m not sure how working on a 24″ screen will feel. I’ll probably have to move my chair away a little…)

The more important components will have to wait a little longer. It looks like February is the month of the big releases and I’d hate realizing too late I could have gotten better stuff for the same price.

Regarding the other parts, I’ve made up my mind about a few things.

  • The motherboard: I’ve decided I’m not going SLI. I’d never use it anyway (for the same price, I’d rather have one newer card that two older ones) and the nForce boards are too expensive for what they offer. I’m also not going to use DDR3. I was thinking of leaving the option open and getting a DDR3-capable card, at least, but they’re just as expensive as the SLI cards. And the day I upgrade my processor, I’ll probably have to upgrade my motherboard anyway. So I’ll just get the best price/quality ratio for my needs.
  • Not getting one of the Blu-ray/HD-DVD drives either (unless I have a lot of money to spare, which I doubt). I just don’t feel comfortable investing in these new formats just yet. I thought things were over after Warner Bros. went Blu-Ray (though I hate to see Sony win), but now the HD-DVD camp dropped its prices dramatically, which could possibly turn things around if it’s well marketed… So I’ll just download HD movies for now.
  • Not getting a sound card yet. I’ll try on-board first. If that doesn’t work out the way I want I still might get an Auzentech.
  • The processor will be a Q9450 unless the reviews are bad, but I doubt they will be.
  • The graphics card will be a 8800GT unless nVidia announce something better and not too expensive in February.

I also bought a printer because I needed one. Writing papers is a pain, but not being able to print them out once they’re done is even worse. It’s a Canon Pixma MP600, one of those All-in-one thingies that doesn’t appear to suck. I got it cheap, though (half the price), since it’s been used in stores as a display model. So had my current graphics card and it still works like a charm, and the printer still has a full warranty, so unless I’m very unlucky, it should work fine.

Still feels uncomfortable spending that kind of money in one go, though…

(In other news: exams. I’ll talk about them once they’re over.)

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